APP: Featured Fantasy

In my opinion, Episode usually does drama and romance for their featured stories. And most fantasy user stories are either vampire or werewolf. No hate intended! I like these genres, I just think we need more variety in the fantasy section. So Episode should invest in more fantasy stories.


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I would absolutely love this. But sadly Fantasy isn’t a very popular genre on episode. The reason most of those featured stories are up there, is because they get more reads and a good bit of the userbase is into drama rather than fantasy.

I feel like with the Fantastical contest, it will bring in a lot of interesting and new entries. I’ve see a ton of exciting plot ideas and stories hinted/published already.
So keep an eye for that :wink:

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You’re right, sadly! But Heroes and Villains did bring some good stuff, and im confident Fantstical will too. :slight_smile:

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