❗️APP: Folders / Shelves for My Favourite Stories


I wish it could be more organized and we could create folders/shelves as we want.

Please like if you support!

FEATURE: Organizing Stories
Stop making it jump back from the most beginning after unfavoriting one story
PETITION: Organizing FAVORITES with Sub-Categories

I love this idea :heart_eyes: :unicorn:


Good idea! Folders would be ideal. I wish we could also archive the stories we’ve finished reading but may re-read in the future.

How many stories are in your favorites/library?





Support! This will be so great!


Yes! I’ve been wanting this for a while


Another great idea by @Apes!




Please make it a thread, we would love to vote. Like Wattpad we can archive the stories and then read them when we don’t have wifi.


Yeh, this would really help,cuz if I need to find a story which I added in favourites long time ago, I had to scroll all the way down but if we’ve Folders we can find the story more easily!


That’s not exactly what I meant by archiving! Feel free to create that thread!


Support & Bump


Yeah I could but I won’t get as many likes as you do . The probability of getting noticed will be more :sweat_smile::persevere:


Lol why do you think so? Everyone is in the same position. I’ll give you a like if you create a thread and send me a link!


Aww. Thanks :slight_smile: :heart:



This would make finding stories so much easier!


I actually created a new topic but I found someone else already made it. (Click offline reading.)
offline reading

So peeps who want to support can like and support the post to get it noticed :slight_smile:


Okay, I’ll go and support that topic!


Tysm :slight_smile: