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Now that the Forums got a complete make-over, I would love to see the Forums have its own mobile app. I’m constantly on my phone all day, and while I know you can visit this site using a web browser on your phone, I believe it would so much so much easier and better if I could just tap on an app. It would also allow us to be notified right away anytime we get notificiations here! (just like how your phone rings/buzzes when you get messages from other apps!)

FEATURED: Episode Community A MOBILE APP
Is there an App for Android for the episode forum :)
Episode forums app should be a thing
FEATURED: Episode Community A MOBILE APP
Forum app suggestion
APP: Forum App Idea
There should be a forums app!
Why don't we have a forums app?

YES! Fully support!!


I haven’t done this with my device, but just a thought/suggestion. I have an S8 (running Android 7.0) and the browser gives an option to add websites as buttons/apps/shortcuts to the home screen. I think that (depending on your device and OS) the app icon will also update with a number on it in real time (but not certain if the number indicates unread, latest posts, etc). If you try it out feel free to let us know how and if it works out :slight_smile:.

One more quick thing. This wasn’t posted in the Feature + Suggestions section so it’s not a thread that can be voted on/supported. Just a heads up!


Fully support this idea!


Ohhhh that does work! Thanks! But unfortunately I don’t get any notifications from it :frowning:

I thought I should post this in the Site Feedback section since it has to do with the Forums, but since people are supporting/voting for this “feature” I can edit the title and maybe could you transfer this to the Feature + Art Suggestions sections?


Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile:




Reopening and bumping since there now seems to be more interest in this. Thanks all!


Thank you Jeremy! Can you please move this to Feature + Art Suggestions?