APP: IDEA: Watch an add to speed up time by 30 Mins?


1 ad - 30m
2 ads - 60m
3 ads - 90 mins
This benefits Episode AND readers


I’m kind of lost on what you’re trying to say…:confused:


To cut off time that readers wait for passes, they can watch an ad, and cut off 30 mins. They could watch another ad to cut off another 30 mins. Sorry I didn’t make it clear


Nah, it’s cool. I actually like the idea.


I thought this already existed?


No, you can’t watch ads to cut off time, but it would be great as a new feature!


If so, not for me.


It does exist, if you watch an ad it cuts off 60 minutes.


Yeah I thought so! I remebered doing it once!


omg you’re a genius


Well for a Samsung i don’t have this feature…support!


Where can I find it?? I’ve never seen it?


I don’t either. I’m a Samsung too


Where do you find it?


I’m an Apple user, but still where do you find it?


Idk :neutral_face:


It’s usually above the ‘Challenges’ circle and it only appears sometimes and it’s on the ‘Home’ section.