App is crashing every time

So a few days ago my app kept crashing every time I tried to open it. I submitted a ticket to episode and they recommend to me a few things that have already been said to this forum. I tried them all out but nothing happened. Has anyone solved this problem?

That’s what appears on my screen before the app crashes.

I actually was having a similar problem not too long ago. I had also submitted a ticket to Episode, but nothing seemed to work. Also, I was working on multiple stories which frustrated me. I’m not too sure what the problem was, but I re-downloaded the app and made a new account. There was no possible way for me to get into my old one (I don’t know if you had an account). All you have to do is read 15, I think, chapters of Episode Original stories and use the gems to get full access to Episode stories. I hope this helped in any way.

What did they tell you to do?

  1. Check the Play Store for updates to the Episode app.
  2. Try connecting to both WiFi and Mobile Data.
  3. Try connecting to a public WiFi access point.
  4. Try fully closing the app and reopening it.
  5. Try clearing the device’s cache? (Please do not clear the data, only the cache).
  6. Make 2.5 GBs of internal storage available on your device.
  7. Try turning your device off and back on.
  8. Is your device rooted? Rooted devices are not supported and can cause unexpected issues.
  9. Is your Episode app stored on an SD Card? If so, please move the app to internal storage.

If the previous troubleshooting steps don’t fix your issue, please answer these questions:

  1. Do any error messages appear?
  2. Please send us screenshots of your issue.
    That’s what they told me

I tried re downloading it many times but I cant even access the app to make a new account. And yes I had one for years I’m not sure I want to lose all that progress.

And you tried every possible solution?

Yes, that problem had occurred at least 3 times but redownloading the app fixed it every time even though not all my progress was saved( I had to reread a few chapters from some stories on my list). Idk what happened this time though.

Dang I’m so sorry to hear this! I think you should keep bothering Episode ‘cuz they are the ones who need to fix this mess

Yes that’s what I’m planning to do😂Thank you for your time anyway!

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I have the Same Problem since 2 Werks i tried everything and i don’t know what to do.
Even of i start to play from the beginning of the features it again starts from the very first. Noting gets saved

Sorry for responding so late, but I think Episode is also trying to release an update that’ll fix this mess. I’m not too sure, but one of the people that responded to me said that.

Smh everything is going downhill w episode now