App isn't working

My app isnt working when i turnon the app this picture shows and i can wait for how long i want but it does not do anything and i can’t read my stories, i filled a support ticket and they restored my game from the day before it hapenned. It work alright one day but then the rainbow screen is there again and I can do nothing againg.

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I would suggest re-opening the ticket and tell them what’s happening again. The more you tell them, the more information they have to fix it.
Sorry this really isn’t much help, this particular problem has never happened to me so I’m not sure what to do. But I hope it all works out :two_hearts:

I reopened the ticket but they don’t answered me yet.

The best thing you can do is wait for them to answer. In the mean time try troubleshooting by,

  • deleting the app and reinstalling
  • turning your phone on and off
  • trying it on another device
  • turning your wifi on and off

if you need any other help or they don’t respond in 5-7 days come back and we’ll try and help you again!


They won’t answer right away, they do have other people before you to answer. They do usually answer within a day or two so just be patient for now. And as @Vividly said, try

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Happens to me too. I have a Google pixel 2, and I swipe up to get the back, home, and page buttons and press the back button twice, and it takes me to my library. I also have plethora of other app issues that still haven’t been helped after sending in a help ticket, and I’ve been messaging for 2 weeks now.

Can you record how you get to the library? Thanks for your answer i appreciate it.