App issue all of my saved stories unread

hi, since yesterday all the stories read or in progress are not read, I sent a message in the help section and I was told to uninstall the app and communicate the successful uninstallation and that later they would have notified me when to reinstall the app . Am i the online one with this issue?


I have the same problem.

I have had this issue before. It has happened a few times. As a matter of fact it just started to do this tonight. I have also sent in a support ticket. What they usually do is usually restore back to an earlier save of our games. All we can do is wait hun. Sometimes, it could take up to a week before they get back to us. Good luck. Hope they get it fixed for you. I read everynight before bed so it will drive me crazy until it gets fixed… lol


I have the same problem

Hi ! Thank you for seeing my probelm but can you tell me what Can i do now please reply back actually my game is not opening and after sending them request they asked me for support ID how can I give them my support ID when my game won’t even opening please help me reply back

Pro tip: insert 6 questions marks IE: “???” <—make sure it’s six (not three) without the quotes and explain in the ticket that you are unable to obtain the support ID because the app won’t open. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Oh…Mine actually do open…

Did u try to uninstall the app?

Or simply just restore ur phone

Yeah but nothing happening . I’ll try again

Thank you . I better go and try and see if it works or not

Hi ! Nothing happening what can I do guys . I just feel so sad . I want to play my game again like i used to over the years