APP: Make endings feel better

so first of all I already posted something like that on reddit and wrote an email to the support (he ensured me to send it to the team), but I also want to share my thoughts here.

The end of every episode is a very sad time for me. I was really in love with some characters or the story itself. But after finishing a whole story I have nothing at all. I feel empty and sad that its over and I have nothing.

Here is my suggestion: Wouldn’t it be great if you added a loop at the end of every story? Because one already can try the whole story again, however if you try to “load” the finished episode you’ll only get the text where it says that it is over. I think it would be very sinple to add a loop here where you can check in anytime and see a small dialogue between the characters you began to love. Or just add a picture of your couple at the end, give us something we can remember because the time while playing was obviously amazing and now its gone forever.

I honestly can’t start a new episode just like that. I know one can play the same story again but I cant even use the same character because i cant save them. It really makes me sad and I need a lot of time until i forget about a story, so adding such little things would change everything for me. And I think i can speak for many players when I say we want to remeber the special moments in any story.


I agree with you. When I am reading a good story I get attached with it. I get attached to the point that I begin to love the characters and everything else. This is currently me with Through The Worlds by @Ksenia. I loved this story so much I spent A LOT of gems. I have never spent so much gems on a story before and whenever I read a story I always would rather NOT spend gems. This story is coming to an end and it’s kinda making me cry a little bit. The void is slowly building up because whenever I end a story I just go “Well…that’s it? It’s done. What am I gonna do with my life now.” Type of feeling I get. :rofl:

I also hate it when this happens to me because the last good story I read will be my standard for every story in that genre. I can’t find a good Sci-fi episode story that’s not the same as TTW and I’ve replayed it thrice due to that. And I wish episode will add a feature where we can replay a chapter or an episode and not the whole story. Some authors does add an option to replay a story at the begin of the episode.


Exactly! I finished my story 3 days ago now and I am in a constant fight because i keep thinking of a character and then I remember how nice everything was while playing the story. I just cant forget it so easy and I crave to spent more time with these chars. Since I have finished I am unsure if I should play the story again or even try a new one although I know it will make me sad agian when i finish… so maybe just leaving it to peace would be the best option but as I said then I remember the love I built for these chars and I just want to play

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That’s relatable! Sometimes I let myself indulge in another story before I come back and replay it again. It does kinda get boring replaying a story since you already know what’s gonna happen but I do this for the good and funny moments.

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“Dear Cherie” had the perfect ending (in my opinion). you get to customize your own character and have a cute little photoshoot thing with all the characters <33 AND IT LOOPS so it’s always there c:

edit: really recommend the story too. it’s a slice-of-life comedy. very feel-good and no sadness


I absolutely agree with you

That’s why I reread the story you can reread 5 times unless you have VIP then you can reread any story more than 5 times…

There’s 3 dots on the bottom that you click on and there’s options there’s one option which says replay click on that and you can reread it…

I’ve done it with a few stories because I enjoy them too much and love the characters…

In saying what I said, depending on the story, it’s up to the author to add favourite moments etc at the end of the story, some authors do a photoshoot at the end etc…

100% support :blob_hearts:

But this depends on the authors. They are the only ones who can add what you’re asking for. Or I didn’t understand you correctly.