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I noticed that Android users can open the Portal and write on their phones, but that’s not possible on Iphones or Ipads, which means that Apple users won’t be able to keep writing their stories if their notebook breaks, for example. It would be nice to have another Episode Mobile App for Writing, like a mobile portal (since Episode would become too heavy if the Writer’s Portal was added to the existing app). I know it’s a harsh suggestion, but maybe this could be a good idea, so I decided to share it with you guys. :slight_smile:


Do you mean the Writer’s Portal can be used properly on Android? :open_mouth:
I had no idea, and this might be the first time I feel disadvantaged by using IOS.

This really bugs me as well, I’m basically addicted to my phone and I would love to use it for writing purposes when I don’t have a laptop on hand.

I have a similar feature suggestion, you may want to check it out:


I’ve seen people actually writing on their phones like it was on the notebook, and I also felt disadvantaged since that option would really come in handy. I can relate to your feature as well!


I want a better update in mobile creation story at least more backgrounds, more outfit, more than 20 characters,a character with a baby. And animations.

Um, yeah, I’d like that too, but honestly this topic is about creating a new app for Writing :slight_smile:

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That’s nice,sorry to disturb but so far,what did they say.

Please can someone tell me how to upload episode in a laptop am new to this?

You mean the Writer’s Portal, right?
You can write your own stories on the below link:

If you want to download the app itself to your laptop, that’s not possible unfortunately.

Can I publish on a mobile application

No, you have to publish on computer.

Thank you Annie,I have a computer,all I need to do now is to follow the link to start right?

Yes, you can sign in either with Google or Facebook.

If you already have a story in Mobile Creation, you will find it under “Manage Your Stories”.
You can publish it right away, but you can also update your script with some new features that you can find only on the Writer’s Portal.
Side note: if you edit anything on your computer, you won’t be able to continue writing in Mobile Creation anymore.


Hello, I already made a thread similar to the same idea. I would really like it if you check it out. Here is the link.

[FEATURE : New App just for Authors (For eg : Episode Creator App)]

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Thank you

Thank you Annie,please how do I start.

It’s actually really hard to use the writer’s portal on Android, it’s probably possible, but extremely glitchy. But I definitely support this! As long as the app would be like a better version of mobile creation, that would be such a good idea!

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I don’t really want to go off-topic because this is not even my thread, but feel free to PM me your questions and I will gladly help you.

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I hadn’t seen your thread before, my bad lol I sure will :slight_smile:

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Thank you

I’ve never written on an Android, I’ve only seen people doing so :v It would be good for both IOS and Android users then! :grin: There are so many things we can’t use in the Mobile Creation, and creating another app specifically for writing would be an escape for Episode from having everything in one app, this one become too heavy (when it comes to storage). People would be able to choose whether they have a writing app or not! :slight_smile: