APP: Mobile App for Writing

Hello Annie,I want to ask animations, outfit and others can’t I download to my mobile creator scenes & app. I would really love to.

Your right it would be so nice to have a different app that can create stories,pls encourage them to do it. I would love it,we are restricted to a lot of things here in mobile app

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Yes, animations and outfits are very limited in Mobile Creation, but you can find all the other options on the web portal.

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How do I do that?pls tell me hoe

Sorry to intrude but Options like what exactly?

There are a lot of Tutorial videos on the webportal, those will surely help you understand the basics. I also recommend Joseph Evans’s videos on Youtube. I never actually watched them, but others say they are the best so you should definitely check them out.

Thank you.

I jave checked it out from the phone
I am not be an author but it’s clearly not the same as the computer.
Pretty sure you can write only in Ink.
And probably not advanced directing.
It lacks a lot of things.

Well yes, the Mobile Creator only has a very few options. This thread is about the Writer’s Portal and we want to use it on mobile and tablet too, but it doesn’t work properly, at least for Apple users. Until this gets fixed, I would suggest you to write on computer.

Oh I am not an author I have just checked out that writing on a phone has very limited features.

That’s messed up. I really want to make a story but I have an iphone. I don’t even have a laptop. They should make every mobile phone can do the same what others can. Cause everyone doesn’t have the same.

Guys, is one more issue on the upp. I have an ipad and I can’t continue writing my story throigh the app. Do you know anything about that?

hello I’ve had the episode app for a while but I want to write and create my own story but I don’t have a laptop to do it on so what are apps you can use on an Iphone 6s to create episode stories???

In order to create a story on the episode platform, you need to access the writer portal. You have to sign in first, and you’ll be taken to the writer portal. There you can click on the new story button to make a new Episode story.

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