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It would be great if Episode released the option to import clothes and characters from your other stories (in the same style), so you don’t have to create the same clothes/characters over and over again.


Hey @Gordon_J87! Great to see you decided to create a thread for this! Please make sure that it doesn’t get closed or deleted by following the Feature Request Guidelines. Thanks!


I support this completely. Also, it would be great to be able to copy characters and outfits within one story. Sometimes you need the same outfit but without a bag/jacket, for example.


yeeeaaghhh i agreee


Thank you for the suggestion! I hope the title is changed correctly?


Yes indeed! It would safe us A LOT of time!!


Thanks for your reply! Keep spreading the word and the more people see and comment on this, the higher the chance we get noticed :smile:


Hi! This suggestion is covered here, feel free to lend you support to that thread, thanks! :slight_smile:

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