APP: "New Stories" Section (More reads for unpopular authors)


~ The way the episode app is currently structured makes it really difficult to find new stories to read and for small authors to gain more reads. This is because the app only showcases TOP Stories and nothing else!
So I came up with a few suggestions for the app’s structure to help fix this problem.

Here are my suggestions:

  1. The home page is the best place to advertise/showcase the top stories and is perfect as is.

  2. The “genres” section should include “New Stories” as opposed to “Top Stories” because the top stories are already promoted in the home page. For example, the “Romance” category should be filled with NEW Romance stories, “Drama” with NEW Drama stories and etcetera.

​​​​​​3. The “user stories” section should ONLY be for NEW stories (to be arranged in descending order from newest to oldest/least reads to most reads) and should MAYBE… have a specific shelf life of like 1 - 2 weeks so that stories aren’t there for too long in order for other stories to be showcased as well.

And then you can have a “FAN FAVORITES” section which would only be for Top Stories, Featured Stories, and etcetera.

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Please yes bring it back to the old format for just that little thing. Believe me, I loved the update to the app that happened a long time ago (lol), but it’s so hard to find new stories and for new authors to be discovered.



This is a great idea! It’s so difficult for new authors to get noticed without having a like friends etc. Also it’s a great way to support emerging writers xx


Support!!! :grin::blush:




I completely support this. Not only because I’m a new writer, but almost of my favorite stories aren’t popular and don’t have that many reads.


I support. I’m also new with Episode, but that isn’t the reason why I’m supporting. It’s because I want to help others/new writers. I have check some new stories from new writers and their (first) stories were great!


I agree :clap:




All of my support! All of it! :heart:




Please bring this back!


Support! It takes so long to scroll and find stories with meaning.


Your idea is great


I support completely, and that’s coming from an author that knows the struggle!


Episode doesn’t want to risk having to pay us anything for basically working for them. We deliver them free content, but so long as our reads are below 500.000, they benefit of us. I doubt they’re going to change that anytime soon.


They know that there are a lot of writers that have potential. And that can only take us so far, we can’t get to that amount of reads and they know it.


I like the main idea, but I think there is a big flaw in that. Some of the new stories are not as polished or good as the top stories.
I definitely do not agree with the user stories being only for new stories though. If the “user stories” category only contains new stories, then it is not really a “user story” category.


I understand what you’re saying and thank you for your feedback.
I stated in the original post for the user stories section to be arranged in descending order from newest to oldest, that way the new stories will still be showcased (with a shelf life as stated above) and be on top; older and more popular stories will still be in the user stories section, just not on the top.
With that said some of the top stories are not as polished or good either (if I’m honest), and just because some stories aren’t polished doesn’t mean they should not be given the opportunity for more reads. With this suggested structure, people will get more feedback from readers on ways to improve their stories.
Once again, thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:


OMG yes this would be great…it kinda keeps you motivated too