APP: "New Stories" Section (More reads for unpopular authors)


Sounds like a good idea, but I think Episode should keep the top user stories section, and add new features on the app that promote stories with a lower amount of reads.


That’s a great idea! If you’re interested I just posted a story and it’s called “Trying to Resist”, I’d love if you’d give it a read!


YES!! AMAZING idea, i totally agree! :slight_smile:


If they are to keep the “top user stories” section, they should at least name it “top user stories” on the app as opposed to the current “user stories” that they have right now. The title implies that the section has all stories (new and old) written by users when it really is just top stories written by users.




support 100%! so much talent goes unnoticed now


I just want to say that you shouldn’t delete your stories just because they’re not getting enough reads. You can always do read for reads on the forums so people can notice your them.


As an author who is worrying about whether or not their story will be read, I’d love this feature!


This is smart, and I completely agree as a not-so-popular writer, I understand how this would be a great oppurtunity for a lot of new writers.


I agree!


@MateaH Yeah, it was a pretty good update. In fact, Episode had this in their app 2 years ago in 2016. I was looking through my old screenshots and found it:

Episode should definitely return this format back. Much better than the system we have now in terms of helping new writers get some recognition because as of right now, it’s much difficult than it was before. :wink:


I truly SUPPORT this


I completely agree. Other author apps, like Wattpad have a new section when you search for a specific topic. If you also notice in Episode, when you look for a keyword, like Love, they organize it by most popular. I had to scroll quite a ways down to actually find a story with less than 100k reads. It’s kind of sad because the newer authors can’t get any attention.


You’re right I totally support. My sister just made a new story called Passion Love (her name is Donna M) and she was very sad that right now she only has 3 readers including myself. I really try to support her and tell her that she will have more readers but I’m starting to doubt that, and because of this situation I’m not sure if I should publish my work. It is a scary move as you think that people will judge it or you don’t have any readers to share your creation and hard work.


I definetly support this! :see_no_evil:


I support :sunglasses:




Its really worthy to buy it and read it on regular basis its much more interesting then it seems.