APP: "New Stories" Section (More reads for unpopular authors)


Yes, please! This would be amazing!!


This would be really Great


I made a decent story (spot directing, zooms, choices that matter) but I only have 134 views.

The little row in the “Stories We Love” shelf is not nearly good enough. It contains about 5 new stories, that, in my opinion are downright terrible. I try to read a new one from that row but the constant grammar mistakes, allergies to punctuation make me cringe.

An entire shelf would make it much more easier to find quality stories in abundance.


Um, I don’t think this is a promotion thread.


I fully support this idea, as to even find new stories you either have to search for them or it would take hours looking through the already existing sections. I’ve been writing for over a year and have had my story published for a while, but I barely have any reads because people are unable to find it. I really hope that the episode team implement this into the app!


I support.


This is not a promotion thread, it’s a feature request thread.


This is an amazing idea! Support!!!


I have no way to socialise my story😔


Agree, it’s so annoying when i want to continue reading a story and i have to search for it because all the episode featured stories are always on the top, and idk if it’s just me but sometimes these stories appear out of nowhere on my library, like wth


Nearly every time I check out the new stories section, there’s at least one story not in English. I only speak English so I’m obviously not going to read it :joy:. The other day I clicked on one which looked interesting and the first line told me that the story was directly scripted from a movie :unamused:




I totally agree with this. I feel like if the stories which are already trending are constantly being seen in the forefront, then it actually doesn’t give the new authors a chance to have an actual platform to get noticed. Yes everyone should work hard at being featured on episode but sometimes it’s a little impossible with the way episode has things setup on the app. If the trending stories which have over millions of reads are constantly being showcased that same author whose story is just as good but doesn’t have that many reads may not even receive recognition. Hell, we might not even know that new author, and their story exists like that. So new authors should be given some type of shelf so that others can know that they too, exist as well. A new stories section, will give the new authors more exposure, and more chances at getting some type of recognition for the hard work they put into writing as well. People say well, you just have to work hard but have you guys see the same redundant stories which are constantly trending, popular, or have millions of reads? It’s the same thing over and over again. Would like to see all authors on episode given a fair share at getting noticed on episode than opposed to just a “select few.” I have seen some really amazing stories written by underrated authors on episode, but they’re not being noticed due to the average cliche, and top stories constantly being featured on episode.



(This topic definitely needs more attention.)

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Definitely support! Underrated authors need way more attention!


You have my full support here! New authors matter!


I personally think that top authors or “famous” authors should help smaller authors get to their level. It’s no more than right because it’s fair.


I support this 100%. I have been reading on Episode since the beginning, and I loved looking at the New User Stories in each genre. Why they got rid of it? I have no idea, but I hope this thread with a bunch of supporters can get them to promote New Users on Episode.


I agree, Episode is showcasing stories that are already famous and isn’t giving chances for small authors to grow and gain a lot of reads.


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