APP: "New Stories" Section (More reads for unpopular authors)


Support! The section they have for new stories only shows 4-5 stories at the time… that’s just not enough! :confused:


I’ve been wanting for a long time


I support 100%!!

I’ve read some top/popular stories but they aren’t even interesting or barely have good directing (like spot directing and zooming). But I’ve read stories with a few reads that have a really good plot and everything but the problem is, they’re not popular.

So adding this feature would help!


Episodes has added a section for like new stories with very little read and underrated authors


Bumpity bump!




yes! support!


Bump it!


Here again to bump it!




A wonderful idea! :heart:




Ive already seen couple of persons names over and over again, bruh, give new authors a chance/try. It would really be appreciated, and good for them to at least experience it.


I agree please add a shelf for new stories


So look Liisa. I TOTES support your idea but, all the stories that are recommended are “Monitized” (english is not my first language i’m sorry) and not from community authors. On “stories we love” there is a little place where new stories are shown.

I support ya.


100% support.


I actually made a forum but it never got popular. it was for getting a newly updated stories list. so that no matter if the story has 10 reads or 10000 read it would come in front every time it got updated with a new chapter




I support 100%,


That would be so helpful