APP: option to display stories based on "latest" and "top"


There’s been a lot of commotion recently about the differences and (dis)advantages between ‘popular’ authors and ‘smaller’ authors, or like, new ones who just started out. There’s been a lot of things suggested. From pointing out the flaws in our contest system to wanting separate shelves etc.

So far, I feel like there is one thing we fail to notice but would make such a HUGE difference and hopefully solve a lot of these feelings of unfairness. I also personally think it’d be a nice feature to have.

Just like we have the Latest and Top category here on the forums, wouldn’t it be nice to have those on the app for our stories too?? Basically, besides the genre divisions, we’d be able to sort the stories and have them displayed based on either the way it is now (the most popular - trending, thus Top) OR we could choose to scroll through the lists with the stories displayed based on the most recently published (Latest). You do have to keep in mind that new stories get published daily, I think? So this doesn’t mean that if you consider yourself a new writer after a month or so, your story will still be in the let’s say top 10 because, like I said, new stories are getting published on a frequent basis. BUT I do feel like this gives new / smaller authors the exposure they might need to start off and get their story out there without making it too complicated.

That’s it. Like if you support this, cool.
Thanks for reading!

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