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I’m currently reviewing my unfinished story and I’m having trouble with the customization portion. On my laptop, there’s no issue however, on my phone, my character’s spot directing is extremely off. Whenever I try to fix it and press “Update Script”, it doesn’t save it. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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Have you tried using the app previewer to spot your character?

Make sure your zooms and zones are the same too.

I have. I spotted them then tried to update it but it didn’t work. I even typed the same spot directing on my laptop but there was no luck.

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Hey, love!

Try to “restart episode” at the navigation button and try again, maybe it’ll work?!


I already tired that. I didn’t work for some reason. It’s almost like the Update button doesn’t work properly.

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Mhm that’s weird! Sorry then I don’t know how to help :crying_cat_face:

I fixed it. I had to code the corrections I made from my phone into the writer’s portal so it would show correctly on mobile.


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Good job :clap:

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