App preview issue?

So I tried previewing my story in the app but none of my characters are doing any animations. They’re all stuck as idle. I tried reinstalling the app but it still doesn’t work. Is this an issue with the app or with my script?
I also have an issue with overlays as well. I spot them from below the screen to appear as if it’s coming from the bottom but in the app it’s coming from the left instead of the bottom.

Does everything look fine in the web previewer?

No, there’s nothing wrong with your script. I’ve had issues occassionally, with characters doing only idle animations. Quitting the app and going back in for a few times works for me.

Do you mean by overlays jumping from the bottom left to the coordinates you’ve spotted? If so, it would be better if you put a 0 second to the overlays to prevent the jump.
&overlay OVERLAYNAME create
&overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0
&overlay OVERLAYNAME shifts to X Y in zone # in 0
&overlay OVERLAYNAME scales to S S in 0
&overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer #

If that’s not what you meant, maybe you can send a ss on how you code your overlays?

Yeah everything looks good in the web portal


Instead of coming from the bottom along with the character, it’s coming from the left

I think it’s happening because you are using & sign while spotting the overlay in the beginning.
So the script is not getting the time to spot it at 177 -613 before shifting it to 179 -1.

Coding like this may help:
&overlay BEDROOM create
&overlay BEDROOM opacity 1
&overlay BEDROOM scales to 1.071 1.071
. ← add the animations and spotting for the character here with “&” sign.
@overlay BEDROOM shifts to 177 -613 in zone 3 and overlay BEDROOM moves to layer 4 THEN overlay BEDROOM shifts to 179 -1 in zone 3 in 3

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Thank you so much

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Welcome! (:

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