App Previewer is too slow

Hey all, I feel like I haven’t made a post in a while. :smiley:
However, it seems I’m having another problem, this time with the Episode app.
I have an intro to my story that requires a gif, constant overlay rotation for two overlays, and a constant opacity change of another overlay. When I preview on the website, my intro is just fine. It’s not laggy at all, runs smoothly and looks pretty cool. But I tried previewing on the app and the whole intro is so laggy. It freezes every two seconds. I have two problems with this, first and foremost, I don’t want my readers to experience this. Secondly, I can’t screen record this intro on my phone because it’s so laggy. I know there probably isn’t any solution to this but I’m really hoping someone out there could help me figure out how to get it to run smoothly. Thank you! :blush:

well as far as I remember episode recently added memory limit - because PC can handle much more then phones so actually if you didnt gor warning that you are over the memori limit it should work normaly on phones - that was the reason why they added the limit.

So I swould sugest send the link to somebody so he can check it on another device - your might be laggy for some other reasons than the app itself.
Also you can contact support of episode they might have some hints what to do with your phone.

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