APP: Profile Avatars Update



It would be amazing if Episode could update the profiles to be a bit more modern! Here are some of the things that I believe an update should include:

1.) All of the features that are available on the portal! There are so many newly (and not so newly) released assets that I would love to have on there!
~eye shapes
~face shapes
~mouth shapes and colors
~skin tones
2.) The ability to create our own outfits! I know that this would be a lot of work, however it would really add a lot to the profiles!
~there aren’t a lot of outfits to choose from at the moment so most people are wearing the same things, and in the nicest way possible, some of them are just weird :sweat_smile:.
3.) The ability to add tattoos, freckles, beauty marks, piercings, etc!
~one of the best things about limelight are these incredible assets, it’d be amazing to be able to include them in the profiles!
4.) A way to communicate through profiles!
~ sort of like a PM or DM but for the profiles, that way people can communicate with each other privately and not on someone’s post.
5.) A way to report and/ or block innapropriate accounts!
~I’ve seen a lot of hate through the comments on people’s posts and a few horrible accounts, it would be nice to have a way to bring these to Episode’s attention!
~It would also be nice to be able to block certain accounts from seeing your posts!








Support! :grin:




With even more new and amazing features added to the portal recently, I really think that this should happen soon! Please add the new features to the user profiles on the app!!! :heart:


I support. It would be much preferred. :blush:


I support it too. Cheers!