App recommendations for making overlays?

I use ibispaint most of the time to make custom poses, but I find that the quality drops significantly. For example, I always see Georgia Sanders’s overlays and they always look super clean. Are there any apps that are free that can retain image quality?

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These are two things I do to get better quality on ibis.

Double the size of your canvas. Say for example you were to use a size of 1500 x 1500, you would multiply it by 2 and that would be 3000 x 3000 instead. You should see this option, and when you click Ok, whatever you do on it would be saved in a higher quality even though your workspace might run slower than usual.

Save as AI super-resolution x2. I recommend this a lot especially for custom poses. It gives you a cleaner work and clears the pixels off your image. You would have to swipe it to the left after it loads before saving.

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