APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours


Have you updated your app??Maybe that’s why it hasn’t refilled yet


Yes, my app has been updated. It wasn’t refilling for 3 days…I had 30 passes then used them down to 8. Went to sleep and woke up with the refilled notification (first time since the update) and it’s been normal so far.

Here’s the picture of my passes at 8…they should refill at 9:30 PM CST. Also, I have two phones. I play episode on my galaxy 6 edge plus.


Trust me…I wouldn’t lie to yall! Because I still don’t feel like my passes refilling is permanent. I’m just waiting on it to stop working again.


Here is a pic of my game fully updated…and the second pic shows my passes refilled plus the notification. My bad I didn’t get a picture of my passes showing “8” before the refill. Thought they were refilling at 9:30pm CST not 9:10pm…okay, sorry yall…I will stop blowing up this chat now lol.


This is just a theory but maybe you can still stockpile them but at low limit probably. Not sure but it’s looking like it, thank you so much for the updates. :slight_smile:


Ooo, interesting :face_with_monocle: i wonder if they changed it back? Or maybe they did restrict stockpiling to a certain degree, I wonder what the new limit is? Smh they should just let us keep our stockpilied tickets and in the future not let us stockpile any new tickets from the daily challenge, although I don’t see how stockpiling hurts anyone. Also do you have that one feature where it’s like “watch an ad to get your tickets 60 mins faster” or sumthing like that? I saw that like yesterday but it’s gone now :confused:


Hmm. Well I got down to 8 and nothing has happened to mine. But my latest support ticket response was worded saying the maximum number of passes can vary. They are being very cryptic by not saying what my “maximum” is, but I am guessing it’s probably a lower number and it depends on how you received the passes. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I’ll update yall again Sunday…that’s when my daily streak starts over with passes.


I totally agree!


Lol, their replies are so redundant, like we understand that our timer passes can’t regenarate when we still haven’t used up our timer passes. Like we’ve never been able to stack up on timer passes. To me it seems like they think all of our passes are now timer passes? Like I’ve used up all my timer passes but my reward passes are way over the maximum timer passes but they’re not timer passes so I don’t see what the problem is? It seems like they’re being vague about their reasoning behind not renegerating our passes. :neutral_face:


I never thought that episode actually noticed that we have accumulated so many passes on the side to read the episodes that these authors put their talent into. Wow! Isn’t that invasion of privacy? Ok, so we have piled a lot of passes, but most of us can not afford to buy passes and it’s the only way to continue reading when we hold onto passes to receive more.

This should be the readers decision if they want to buy passes or not, and that’s if they can afford it. There are some episodes that we end up reading and it’s a repeat, and it has happened already that I’ve lost passes because I ended up reading the episode all over again due to the amount of glitches that the makers of episodes have made.

I really don’t think it’s the episodes staff right to see the amount of passed we have and make a bold move as to remove the refills until we have a limited amount.

I have used episodes for two years, because of my daughter, and she stopped using it due to many glitches, but I continued because I like to read what these authors have in their creative minds. I like the changes it had made which pushes me to read more. But, now, I’m ready to drop it and read another app that won’t limit the amount of passes that I would or will accumulate. If it’s time, then it will be goodbye until this is fixed.


I miss stocking my passes, I used to read as many chapters as I wanted. But now I have to waste them all to just have 4☹. But hopefully we can stock them with this chat😁!!!


It’s their way of forcing us to buy more passes. I usually pay for the 30 month unlimited passes, to avoid the ads.


I’m too mad they did this…I went from having 35 passes… on a bad bay 25 and now I have 6
What am I supposed to read with 6 pass…Mind you the little hacks on youtube ain’t working on more. And now we can’t 4 passes an hour this is crazy and dumb …Am I really going to live of of 4 passes a week …It’s like living a whole week with only 4$. it’s probably very painful. Why the heck did episode start being more stingy…:face_with_raised_eyebrow::fu: episode


This about to be a rant…
Nobody about to buy some 30 dollar passes every other month…I could have sworn I saw free app when I was downloading this to my phone but now we got to pay to use it…Are crazy…Are you out of your mind…Because you could of just change it to 4 passes a day…But 4 a week …Ya’ll don’t know how to do business :expressionless: Ya’ll just mess up all your money…Well thats a lie because I really need some passes and I might buy some…Oh well no I’m not because this is some BULL :poop:.Episode you did us wrong.


Wait wait wait, wym 4 passes per week? I thought it was 4 passes every 4 hours? Did they change something again? LOL :woman_facepalming:


yeah they did change it


I thought it was 4 passes every 4 hrs still but the only thing that changed was that passes won’t refill unless you have less then 4 passes


I’m so confused :no_mouth:


So after a couple of hours if your passes are less than the max (4) your passes will recharge. If you have more passes than 4, it will not recharge.