APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours


This change is nothing but unfair. A lot of people took a long time to save the passes, so them could be used later. Now we have to use them all just to get 4 passes? Honestly, I refuse to read any story in this situation.


please change the old pass refill policy back :’( this is really harmful for me :frowning:


This update is going to be an issue for authors out there, especially new and upcoming authors. Cause people would rather waste their passes on the stories they already have in their shelves instead. I hope Episode would reconsider to revert back to how it used to be, so the authors won’t be at a disadvantage.


I’ve never had a forum comment make me feel some type of way. Thank you for doing me the honor LOL


Yep, mine tickets are working the same way. Had 8 refilled to 12…accidentally read 1…now my ticket cap is 11…can’t go pass it.


Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours.


Oh! I just made a post about this topic! I want it to go back to the way is was! This is going to make me be careful of what I read and I don’t want that to happen! I love this community!


Well said because I’ve been wondering for the past few months on why I’m not getting extra free 4 passes when I had 12 passes and then it went down to 4 passes when using it all. But didn’t it used to be every 2 hours there will be a free passes coming up? I hope I’m not mistaken by it.


Has it been updated so we get the 4 passes since the newi update or no?


I support 100% of what you said. I am so furious with Eposide. I never plan on buying passes and others are probably with me. So, Episodes is going down the drain. They care more about money then protecting their authors from harresment and keeping their readers happy. Is there a way we can start a petition or light a fire under their butts about revering back to the old ways?


Full support! This issue should be resolved.


I have been reading stories on Episodes since it first came out in 2013. Then, it only had 11 stories to read. Since it’s debut, I have watched it grow into an empire. Through the years, there has been all manner of glitches/rewards/free passes to attain for more binge reading. This entity has definitely grown.

I agree that they have become more about money and less about the authors and readers. To me, the pass rewards and stockpiling was beneficial. It gave us the opportunity to ready as many stories as we so desired but, we had to work to get it. It also gave us the chance to Live interactively through the authors. Which is the whole reason millions of people are so drawn to Episodes in the first place. Believe me, I know you have to make money Episodes but really, couldn’t it be something less invasive? For instance, have the extra pass challenge for a month quarterly or a sale on the 30 day pass. Because really, who is gonna spend $10 dollars for a month? That’s a lot of smackers to rain out for an iOS game. Not saying that people won’t but you understand. So there has to be a better way to reward us for reading anything on this app. I mean, if it wasn’t for the authors, you wouldn’t have any stories. If it wasn’t for the readers, you wouldn’t have an app.

Thus far, Episodes has lost its appeal and luster for all of us. I for one have spent way less time on it after blowing through my stock pile and on the verge of deleting it from my phone all together.


Has anyone ever tried to directly pm a leader on the forums or dm the @episodecreators account on insta about this issue?


Yes. This was their a reply:




I agree. My story is fairy new, and because of this new system it probably won’t get reads, because people won’t spend their passes. That means I have wasted HOURS of my time where I could be doing something I like rather than writing for others. This is so unfair


This morning I noticed an icon to watch an ad and reduce wait time for passes. Each ad takes off 60 min. so I was able to watch a few and get my 4 back. Guess this option is better than waiting hours.


did you have more than 4 passes when you did this, or did you use up all of your passes from before? Also how many ads can you watch?


I went down to 0 passes and an icon appeared above where the weekly challenge icon is. If you watch one ad, it takes off 60 minutes. It seems like it will let you watch 3 or 4 ads per day so you can use them all up at once to get 4 passes faster or space it out.


this made me so sad when I found out, I was so confused