APP: Reload 4 free passes every 4 hours


This sucks! They should change it back!


No Libirella they didn’t.


welp :frowning:


Does it still work? Or did they stop?


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This is highly unfair to people who work hard on getting passes fairly :unamused:


According to the policy the passes load after 4 hours,but sometimes the passes load after 3 hours…how is that possible???


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Any updates at all?? •-•






Well said! I honestly haven’t been on Episode that much since they made it this way. It’s sad. They thought it would benefit them because people would start buying passes, but it’s harming them because people just stop reading! EVERYONE is suffering. Authors, readers, Episode…EVERYONE. This is frustrating and it should be fixed.


Does anybody see the ad? You can watch a video and get passes quicker. Not sure how to do it though.


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Thank u so much for this thread. I really didnt know this and it was so confusing because i read a lot of stories and had to wait 3-4 long hours for jus 4 passes. I really hope they change this policy because it makes no sense.


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