APP: Removing Stories from Favorites Shelf

(I hope I have this in the correct category)

I was just cleaning out my favorites shelf on the app and one thing that bothered me was that every time I removed a story, it always takes me back to the very top of the shelf instead of staying where I left off. It’s tiring to keep having to scroll down every time, because there’s more than one story I want to remove.

So what I suggest is being able to stay where we left off so cleaning out our favorites shelf won’t take twice as much time. Does that make sense?


Try just removing it on your home page, it should work then

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try going to the author’s profile and remove/unfavorite the story there even when they have the same stories that on their recommended section that you read, you can also unfavorite at the same time



Same! I wish they would revamp our personal shelf and make it more user friendly

Support!! This is such a necessary update :blob_sun:

Bump and support!