App restore login problem


I’m having the same issue myself i had a iPhone 6 n i upgrade to a iphone x and i cant get to login back in so now i have to start over which is frustrating


Hello, I’m having the same problem. Have you been able to fix it? And how?


I have the same problem and I don’t know what to do.


This happened to me once before. I was using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 and a Samsung Galaxy s4, it worked fine switching between my reading account and writing account until I got this same error. I filled out a ticket and the episode team was able to restore it after asking for the email I wanted to restore and the support ID. The only way I see this fixable is through the Episode team. I’m having the problem again and I think it is as a result of being logged in too long to one account. I’ve been waiting almost a month to get this fixed by Episode but, they are hardly responding to anyone at the moment. I don’t know why but, it’s real annoying.:roll_eyes:


Hi there I have had this issue for months but still not working and i cant even read stories due to the ads being a pain and not responding at all