APP: Restoring from Android to IOS

I think for the next update you should be able to let people restore their gems and passes from their android to their iPhone. I don’t see why that’s not already an option but it’s disappointing.


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I too am trying to understand how this is not an option, much less how it wasn’t from the beginning.

I’m a software engineer, and while I understand this may be complex to achieve and take time, it’s definitely not impossible. Moreover, you’d be making thousands of users happy. You’d also assuring them that all the time, money, and creativity they’ve devoted to Episode are safe.

In the same way that if I lose my phone tomorrow, even if I get another one like it, I’ll probably lose all that data anyway. This happened to me two years ago and I had to start over because I didn’t have the given username and password backed up somewhere before that phone died. To lose everything like that is very unfair.

If we have email and social media logins, why can’t all this data be tied to them?

The progress made on a story is time and even money that is spent on it. For some users, that’s hundreds of dollars and maybe thousands of hours devoted to Episode’s content. Given that the outcomes of these stories are choice-dependent, you must understand the frustration that is to have to start everything over again, to try remembering every choice you made in order to get back to where you were, to know you lost that premium choice, to remember what stories you engaged with or wanted to engage with.

What are the technical / business reasons for not allowing this transfer? And are you ever going to do something about it?

Real answers would be great.


Support! I know this an old post but that just shows how long this has been an issue.

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