APP: Shawn Mendes Featured Story


If there are any fellow #Mendesarmy members, like if you agree! There was Demi Lovato, the Dolan Twins, Pitch Perfect, and Cameron Dallas. Now we need a featured story with Shawn Peter Raul Mendes! I, for one, would totally spend my gems on that story :wink:


who is Shawn . . . ?


Shawn Mendes - he’s a singer. :slight_smile:


i like it :grin:


shawn and his team would have to go through quite a lot to get that through, but if he has the time i def recommend it :slight_smile:


True! But if Demi Lovato could do it im confident Shawn could! He’s not touring this year, after all.


true! i hope episode contacts his team and hopefully they’ll make a story w him!


I envision the story as smth like this:
Shawn has an audition for backup dancers for his 2019 tour. Only four dancers are getting picked. You get picked, along with your worst enemy, your best friend, and a potential female LI. Going on tour with Shawn feels like a dream come true: Until you meet his crazy ex and become part of a lotta drama. Travel the world with Shawnie, go on a romantic Toronto date with him, write a song with him, and dance for him!


Just change the Shawn Mendes to a fake celebrity name and you’ve got a great idea for a story for yourself to write


Well, I don’t mean to be rude, but Episode’s collaborations are wanted by the artists themselves. Demi Lovato, Warner Bros Studio, The Dolan Twins, and Cameron Dallas themselves wanted to have a collaboration with Episode. Surely, I don’t think Shawn Mendes would have any persuasive idea to do so, so this is very unlikely to happen.


Moved to Feature Request section :slight_smile:


You might be right! Still, a girl can dream lol


Lol thank you so much! But the coding for an Episode story is crazy…and I’m already trying my hand at a fantasy story in Spotlight


Would it hurt to ask? I ran, I don’t know how it all works, but I assume they’d have to get some papers signed, have them come for a few interviews now and then, then maybe help with the plot, (and possibly have payments being received on both ends), but other than that the celebrities/ movies are helping each other gain fame, and it’s one of those things you almost odont want to miss out on.


Very true! Also, we shouldn’t assume that Shawn isn’t interested becuz he probably doesn’t know Episode exists lol. I’m sure he’s want to, if Episode reached out to him.


I was actually thinking about that today. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wants this!!


Yes I need this in my life. Support, support, SUPPORT!


Support we need some candy in episode my idol really , I can spend my gems on something I want …


I think it would be cool if Episode did a Shawn Mendes story, but used Canadian spellings and grammar rules. Just a thought.


Yass we need one