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I know the bigger text is a relatively new addition to the app, but I really miss the old text size. Sometimes I feel like, as an author, I have to water down my narration and dialogue in order to keep the text boxes from becoming too large on the screen.
My suggestion is a feature in the app that allows authors to toggle between text sizes for their different stories. For example, an author who prefers to write lengthy narration and dialogue could choose a smaller text size, while an author who has no issues writing with the current text size could choose to keep it the same.

I know smaller text is an intrinsic element of the text box styles of some featured stories (Mean Girls, Demi Lovato, Pitch Perfect), but I think it’d be nice to be able to control text size without changing the style completely - especially for authors in the middle of a story that don’t want to convert their entire story to these special styles (unofficially, through that trick of putting Mean Girls in the title and then changing it later).

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I never read stories with small fonts. That hurts my eyes.

You can actually toggle the speech bubble size in the preview and that makes the text smaller. I happen to like the bigger text though. Easier to read.

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I was wondering if you could put the big font back on because it’s so much easier to search for stories with the small print is kind a hard to search for the stories so please put the Big font back on Please it will be so much easier to read and search for things you want

@Jeremy @Sydney_H // You can actually close this thread when you get the chance; the new speech bubbles are the perfect size in my opinion, so no need for smaller text now!

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: