APP: Social Feed for EVERYONE


I’m tired of waiting. Release this feature to everyone, we need it more than others. I don’t want Instagram, I want to use Episode’s app to socialize with Episode users.

Do you Think the Episode Community is a bit Divided?



Yes, as much as I like recommending some stories from my profile, obviously users, especially big authors, need more than that with other members!


I am so freaking jealous of people who have this :persevere:


Support!! Definitely


I completely agree




Plus also, I already have a general Instagram account which follows and comments on Episode authors, and I have a nice dynamic going on. It’ll be weird with getting an Episode Insta


Yes!!! Was hoping this thread was made. Wish that this feature was available to all of us. I wish that I could even just see other authors’ posts in-app. Hope there are plans to roll this out :blush:


my god yes please. support


I made a forum about this a few months ago when not everybody knew about this feature, and really idk why they don’t release it once to everyone. I’m so jealous of my sister because she has it when she doesn’t even use episode really


i wonder what’s taking them so long? its been released since May 2018. maybe they have forgotten about it?


Same. Whoever downloaded the app after May, got the feature. Which is stupid, because they rather give the feature to people who are new readers than give it to people who’ve been reading stories for years… Smh.


If they forgot abt it they aren’t quite responsible




Support, may we all please have this update before May :sunflower: