APP: the ability to block people


sigh. I’ve been getting some rude (/homophobic) comments from one person and I do realize that I could report it too, but a block button would be so much easier and faster for all sides involved. I think now with the new Episode feed feature, we should be able to block people from replying to our posts. every other social networking site lets you block people because, let’s be honest, people can be mean sometimes.


Is it on here? If it is on here then let me know and I can show you how!


no, I’m talking about the app. the new feed feature on the app. but thank you for offering!


Oh ok!


I went to block someone on the feed the other day only to realise that it’s not possible.


Bumping this for relevancy.

I think a block feature would be great.

I have a hard time ignoring it when someone is being rude or straight up offensive. Most of the time, replying to them goes nowhere and just spams up the forums. I think being able to block them would save us a lot of grief, and also prevent off-topic bickering or thread derailing.


I’m actually talking about the feed on the app. I think you’re talking about the forums? but thanks for bumping anyway :joy:


I realized this after I bumped the thread, but my point still stands, lol! :joy: