APP: The New Tutorial(?) For First Time Users

I have recently noticed, though I’m not sure how new it is, that now the community stories are locked behind a bunch of forced Episode stories. I suggested the app to my friend and she was instantly turned off by this and uninstalled it. I know that if this was the case when I started playing, I would be COMPLETELY turned off too. It’s not just a recommended story to start with, it’s having to read an increasing number of chapters to unlock another Episode story in which you have to read even more.
There is an option to skip it with gems, which a new user will not have. I’m going to be blunt, almost nobody is going to pay money to unlock an app that they are just trying out.
I really want this app to succeed, especially the community authors. I understand that a company wants money but… this isn’t the way to do it

For anyone wondering, this is what new players are greeted with


i used to have this app since 2015, where everything was chill but i came back pretty recently to this. i had to read waaay more than 6 stories to get full access though and i totally agree with you :pensive: i’ve stopped reading episode official stories because i got super frustrated with the gem choices as well


I have an autoclicker on my phone, but even with that going at 40 milliseconds this would still take me ages. I tested it out and completely gave up lol


ooh an autoclicker? i kinda want that now HAHAHAHA

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wow how ridiculous it is that they’re forcing people to read those garbage and toxic stories to get to the authentic and creative ones :unamused: this might stray people away from the app because they’re going to think that’s the only type of stories episode has to offer :woman_facepalming: imagine being new again… would you guys really stay for that type of content? smh just another challenge for community authors ):


Imagine thinking that Love On Fire is a good story for new users to read lmao


exactly, episode really needs to do better. at least have good original stories.

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I wouldn’t be AS offended if the starting stories weren’t the most exploitative ones on the app, but regardless of how good they might be, it’s not great

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I recommended to a few friends also, no one was happy about not being able to choose what to read. Their enthusiasm to try the app fizzled because there was no freedom of choice and some didn’t care to see what the app had to offer, they felt forced - which is not a very welcome feeling. I mean, how can you dump a gem purchase on newbies like that?

Didn’t have that when I first started so I was really into it! When my friends told me what it was now, it was a turnoff so I can imagine how they felt. Honestly I feel funny telling people about the app now since I gotten negative feedback about having to read those stories first :unamused:


i had my account linked so every time i come back,i complete from where i left off