APP: They should bring back daily rewards

They should bring bring back daily rewards , they were fun and addicting and made it easy to accumulate gems without cashing out.


Do you mean the gems you get for reading chapters?


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I still get daily rewards. I guess some of them still has this, and some does not. Daily rewards are great. They should remain it for the ones who doesn’t have it.

I also got daily reward today after a long time

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But it’s not daily. it only happens on occasion (seemingly at random)

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I get these when they’ve to promote stories with gems.

I have them but for a span of four months they disappeared :woman_facepalming:

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I still have them do u mean the one u read a certain amount of episodes

You mean the daily streak when you can collect passes and gems for reading 7 days in a row, right?

Because I don’t like the thing they do now where you have to read a suggested story to earn gems. They’ve literally taken the fun out of the daily challenge :unamused:


My daily streak rewards disappeared about two weeks ago. Is this going to be a permanent thing?