APP: Undo Changes to the Trending Section

Remove Gem-Choice Influence from Story Ranks

Starting off this thread, I’d like to say, I’m not sure if this fits within the guidelines or not. I looked through Episode’s pinned posts, and didn’t see anything saying I can’t make this thread… so let’s go for it, I guess! (If admins delete this thread, that’s understandable)

By now, I’m sure many of you have seen the changes to the trending section this week. The update announced that gem choices now influence a story’s trending rank. From what I could see on the announcement thread, people had mixed opinions about this new feature.

I for one, am not a fan of it. I believe that gem choices should not influence the trending section and that they should only influence writer’s payments.

So, here’s where this thread comes into play. I am requesting for the trending section to return to it’s previous version; no longer influenced by gem choices. I would like to see the old version of the “trending story calculator” return.

If you agree with me, please show support for this thread. Click the heart. Comment “Support.” Share on your social media etc.

If you disagree with me and really like this new feature, that’s fine as well. Everyone is entitled to different opinions. Here’s another thread discussing the updated trending section for anyone interested.



Support 100%
It’s so unfair.






if this gets flagged ill be pissed

they made it worse! they’re trying to put ad breaks MID CHAPTER

100% support…

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The new system is yet another way to screw over small authors and/or those who choose not to use gems, so yes, support.


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100% support!