APP: We should be able to write from our mobiles

Hello everyone :nerd_face:
I was thinking that they should bring back the thing that we created on the app because it would be easier for writers to write and more quick the updates would happen more quickly
Or if not that at least to be able to write to the Writer’s Portal from our mobiles
Do agree or have something to add?


I don’t know, although that’s where I used to write when it was a thing.

It would be nice but I’m on :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Oh okay for me the day I downloaded the app on my phone there was that kind of style of writing but after a week or less they deleted that

Yeah, something about it was too much for them. Or uh - something along the lines.

Someone correct me :joy:

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Well, I think that if the mobile version were brought back it should at least have more features and let us make our own outfits. It was VERY limited the last time. But, yeah, it was easy to write quickly and kinda fun.

I didn’t use it that much, but I think some people that maybe find the portal hard to navigate would enjoy the mobile creator more :relaxed:


That’s what I was thinking too :grin:

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Yeah, i used to write the animations and stuff in the app then log on to portal for better directing and outfits

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I remember the old mobile app, if you wanted to have outfit choices, you would have to have a separate branch for each one. It would also only have a few animations to choose from. Writing on mobile now is quite difficult still, as the previewer doesn’t work and we cannot select parts of text. :purple_heart:

Closed since this is the incorrect category for a feature request, and we already have a thread for this feature: APP: Mobile App for Writing