APP: What if we make 'sections' for different age groups?



So, like what the title says, this is a suggestion for EPISODE. What if EPISODE comes out with different ‘sections’ for different age groups? It’ll work like this: just turned teenagers (13-15) can be sectioned off to just the 13+ section, where all stories there are tame and are suitable for younger audiences. Then there will be a 15+ section where teenagers can read stories that are more matured themed then the 13+ section. And maybe, if we so dare, a 18+ section where all the stories that just want to let loose (within reason of course) are allowed, and won’t be available unless you are above 18 years.

Before you decide, listen to this:

  1. If EPISODE has sections for the different age groups, us writers who wish to make slightly more mature themed stories, can put our story in the 15+ section, so it wouldn’t appear in the 13+ section.
  2. Hopefully this will filter out some of the children (who claim to be older) and limit them to only the 13+ section.
  3. Those who wish to discuss opinions in the forums or just chat in general, they can be with others in their age group and won’t lead to as big of some problems (teens and adults fighting).
  4. This’ll hopefully lessen the stress and burden of writers who want to write a decent story, but faces constant pressure to obey the content guidelines (the rules that say everything must be for 13+ only).
  5. Also, if we take into account EPISODE’s guidelines (which are made for 13+) then 13+ catagory should have a lot of stories so no need to worry : ).
  6. It can also be benifical for people who just want to avoid 15-18+ stories altogether, they can just head over to the 13+ stories instead.
    Also, if you want to say no, please discuss why first because you might want to change your mind!
    For more about the subject, we discussed this in an earlier topic:

Everyone can discuss their opinions on this!

EDIT: Like what @BoredBabe has suggested, just adding a ‘mature’ section for more mature stories, I personally believe this is a better option, is also an option people can debate on down below. It’s easier and ropes all more mature themes and stories in one place.

  • I support this idea.
  • I don’t support this.

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Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?
Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?
Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?
Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?
Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?
Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?
Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?

NO, i am 14 i am very mature and i dont want to be reading kiddy stuff thats what it will do, it should let you choose if you want to be sectioned offc maybe but not do it by itself based on your age i just feel like if your too young stay off the app


Alright then, don’t get angry. But you have to understand this. Teenagers, especially when they have just become them, are incredibly hormonal, and that leads to wanting to rebel and to do things that they aren’t suppose to. But not only that, if we expose them to inappropriate content (for their age) then we are, in some way, convincing them to do these things, and that they are more acceptable. Take for instance, drugs. As a teen, I am sure that you’ve been tempted by others to do them at least once, be it at school or anywhere. Now if a story introduces them, and has characters that frequently use them, then the teenager might start to think that it’s okay. I’m not saying that they will, there’s just a chance.
And there are a lot of stories on EPISODE that are already 15+, or should be rated as such and are not for 13+.

Thank you for seeing this and voting,


This is a good idea but I think it will cause conflict.


It might, but it’ll also be beneficial, for both readers and writers. So EPISODE will be content having (most) of the 13-14 year olds in the 13+ section and older people in other sections. And everyone there is each other’s age group, so we can all be friends (?)

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Should EPISODE be 15+ instead?

Don’t the Episode guidelines already make it clear that stories with mentions of drugs may not directly promote them or mention them too often? Where exactly would younger kids be exposed to inappropriate material if writers followed the rules? If there’s a problem with writers not following the rules, a way to promote them is a much better way to keep inappropriate topics away.

Also, separating the 18+ stories into a extra section makes them easy to access and find. Instead of having to comb through tons of stories, inappropriate material can be found by children in a nice little section. Any rebellious teenager can find this material much quicker than usual.


I do not agree, for the following reasons. I feel like the best episode stories are the action packed and dramatic ones , for example Chain Reaction. I don’t think it’s fair to be “categorized” by your age. And if this does happen how would it know what age you are, I’d rather not share my age to an app.


Like I said, EPISODE can have run a Google Accounts check so that if the user is under any age, then they’ll be locked from it. And if the user doesn’t give their account, they’ll instantly and automatically be locked into the 13+.
Anyway, there’s no 100% chance that it’ll work, but it should be better than letting writers be under stress and younger audiences finding the really bad stuff on EPISODE.



EPISODE can run a Google Accounts check to see if you are of age or not.



I just checked how to change my Google Account age. I’m offically turned 43. Strange because I was previously 14 :)) Well, that took 3 minutes and didn’t even require me to enter a password.

I believe this idea would be great for a website like Wattpad, but Episode guidelines are much stricter. Any sort of promotion or glorification of drug usage, hate speech, suicide, violent acts such as assault, or sexual content is not allowed at all according to this old forum post. Therefore, any mention of the previously stated content would have to be negative. Any teen reading about this content would be discouraged from it and likely easily understand why it’s wrong. 18+ content was never meant to be on Epsiode. If it was, the app would be listed as 18+ in the App Store. All content would be 13-17 and these ages share similar levels of knowledge about the previously mentioned topics. Separating those ages into smaller subsections seems redundant.

…or at least to me. This is all my opinion and not meant to offend or raise anger. I apologize if that was your immediate reaction.


I just offered 18+ as a mere suggestion. I really think that it should be more so a 13+ and a 15+ section. It’s just I know a lot more people would like to let loose. And why are you lying about your age on Google? You just said that a lot of kids lie through their teeth to get into apps, so why are you doing the same thing? The parent in me is actually a little disappointed right now. Don’t worry, I’ll stop before I start lecturing you.



And it’s the same topic as drugs, violence and swearing, teenagers, even kids, know it’s wrong, yet they do it anyway. And like I said, teenagers are naturally rebellious. A lot of them don’t care out the rules.



I switched it back immediately after :)) I only changed it to see how hard lying about your age to Google is.


I know how easy it is, lying to google. But this should hopefully help the ones who are honest, and parents who are monitoring their children to keep away from the bad stuff.



If for example your parents allow you to read episodes where there is some 13+ content, it wouldn’t be fair to cut them since their parents allow this. I’m just saying this because I have friends like this.

Another thing about lying about your age, my dad made my gmail and stuff so I have nothing against me. A lot of people do it on order to email their friends and keep in touch. We could use text, but I have a cousin that lives in a different country and I’d be priced for texting. Emaling is a free way to connect with people around the world.

Sorry I will stop lecturing know.


I think this is a great idea! It would be nice to easily find age appropriate stories. I’m 16, my parents do allow older content to a certain extent. So, they trust that I make the right choices when it comes to entertainment.
Further, I’m also religious, a Jehovah’s witness. Meaning I place a very HIGH value on MORALS. Almost every story on episode contains profanity or some sort of vulgar sexual encounter. I think it’s a bit disgusting. :frowning: It’s promoted a lot and makes it hard to find a story with good content.
If they could do this, that would be wonderful!


I’m not talking about gmail, though it’s good that your parental figure helped you start it up, hopefully it is your age (okay I’m now stopping my parenting instincts right now). But also, parents allow a lot of things nowadays, one parent allowed their children to play GTA 5 (my parenting senses were going off the radar when I heard that one), in those circumstances it’s the parent’s fault. But as responsible teenagers and adults, we should be monitoring what we look at and what we read.



I’m a JW too.



The age “Categorization” wouldn’t be awfull but it might cause negative effects on episode. I’m sorry I keep changing my mind!


I think the only negative effect that it will have is some 13-15s being mad about not being able to see more mature themed stuff.