APP: What if we make 'sections' for different age groups?



Ok to backup on Google checking your age in order to have a google account (for example gmail) you MUST be a certain age. That’s why they ask for your birthday so even if EPISODE checked your account there wouldn’t be anything wrong because the COMPUTER would say you’re of age even though you really aren’t.


i do support this BUT honestly anyone can lie that theyre 18+ just to read some stories but I do think this is a good idea!


Something that came to me today while I was reading the entirety of this discussion is that it would just be best to have a ‘Mature’ category rather than sectioning Episode off into 13-15, 18+, etc. I have a feeling that the stories for 13-15 will be extremely shallow and have no meaning whatsoever, unlike many of the ‘hidden gem’ stories that are often meant for older readers (18+) and may display inappropriate content at times. I myself am 13 and really enjoy some of the stories for older readers and would hate to be limited to just one section.