App won't let me log in

So I just transferred from apple to android and I know that I can’t transfer story progress, but I don’t really mind since I make stories a lot more than I read them. My issue is that there is no genres tab or account tab or anything, and when I go to settings and try to log into my episode account from google it takes forever to load, and I mean forever in a literal sense. Like, I set my phone so that it doesn’t go idle and stays on and went outside with my mom for several hours, and when I came back, the progress bar hadn’t moved at all and my phone was STOVE HOT like wtf man. I submitted a ticket already but they haven’t replied yet and the last time I sent a ticket on friday it took them two days to respond because of their business days and since it’s gonna be rosh hashana on monday and tuesday I don’t wanna wait four days for an answer.
So yeah, if any of you guys know what the hell is going on and why trying to log on through google doesn’t work (the app doesn’t give me a specific error or anything, it’s just that nothing happens every time i try to log in) because I already had to reset my phone once and if episode forces me to read all their romantic featured stories again I’m going to stick to web preview forever

Yeah. Me too. It kept saying my internet connection is weak. I’ve also sent a support ticket. Not sure how that will help.

You could try talking to @Nick or @sydney_h

The support team is around to help you with any issues you have with Episode. As long as you keep in communication with them chances are they will be a big help. :slight_smile:

Okay so I left my phone to load for around 30 mins while it tried to log in and it finally finished, but it gave me a new error: It appears you are trying to transfer an account between Android and iOS. Yeah true… but does that mean I can’t preview my stories on the app anymore and I have to use only the web previewer? And I can’t edit my profile page anymore too so yeah. The support ticket I sent hasn’t been answered yet and I don’t care about transferring story progress, I just want to preview my own stories in the app


I can’t edit my Episode Profile also, and also can’t preview any stories made from the web portal either, which is frustrating :neutral_face: I just filed an support ticket about this problem so hopefully they will reply soon and also fix this as soon as possible…