APP: Word wrapping

When we have really long lines, it would be great to have the word-wrap option, like most text editors have:

So we don’t have to scroll right, and then back left for the rest of our coding :slight_smile:


What is —
word wrapping?

Assuming I am thinking of the right thing, word wrapping is when instead of the sentence continuing on one long line forever (like it does now), the sentence drops down to the space below the line so that you can see it more easily (it does this without using a new line).

This was a pretty bad explanation, but hopefully it helped a bit.


That’s a great explanation!

Definitely, I totally agree with you. This would so convenient.



Curious what WORD WRAPPING is? Read Above



Support, a potential life saver for every extra director :sneezing_face:

bump ~

You guys, we have this feature!!! :sob: :heart:
It will make directing so much easier, thank you so much!