Appearance of the story’s love interest

The love interest in the story I’m writing will not be customizable, but what should he look like?
image image

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The first one is more cuter

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Depends on his personality but if you insIST, the first one though :eyes:

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I vote the first one

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I would say the second one.

because I have seen the first one so many times already.

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the first one if you add freckles thooooooo :heart_eyes:

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the fire one is a YES!!!

ok, now what hairstyle for him?


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first one is cute!

The first one FOR sure with new hair :heart_eyes:

He is giving me bad boy, Prince Eric vibes :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

will there be a customization option?

Same here, the first one is like the stereotypical love interest in limelight stories.

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No, I believe they mentioned it in the description above the two pictures.

both look like evry love interest in evry limelight story

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