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Art style: Limelight!
Edited, ahah
Character details:
Body: Male atheletic body
Neutral 01
Brows: Straight Medium
Hair: Medium Side Part Flip
Platinum ice.
Eyes: Deepset Downturned Lidded
Green Emerald
Face: Square Jaw
Nose: Male Generic
Lips: Medium heart.
Idle, but with a smile on his face, not with teeth.
Penny Loafer Ankle socks Leather Brown True
Ear Cuff Elven Ear Earrings Metal Gold
Nouveau middle gem Circlet Metal Silver
Blazer Tux Shiny V Neck Sequin Black
Lace Forearm Tatoo Solid
Slacks Casual Fitted Wool Dark Violet.
Like this but the guy in the middle is the Character.

Can you please make his green eyes pop more, (like its glowing.) ahhaha. And make him have like a sexy grin. Lmao.

THANK YOU!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Hi! I was wondering if I can request a spot for @amelial !


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you most certainly can but I am very backed up atm and won’t be able to get to your request for a while


Hi I have a question for @amelial and @zoe.exe

I already have a request for Amelia so even though I already have that request am I allowed to request something from Zoe? Would you two be okay with that or would you prefer the first request to be done before requesting again. It’s a question for both of you since you two are the artist and I don’t want to like offend either of you.

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That’s fine!
Can you @ me whenever you’re free?

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Oh, thanks for the question. I’m on a break right now, because of up coming exams. I dont know when ill be back. Maybe @amelial?

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Oh okay! Thank you !!

Yes of course! as long as it is not the same request for multiple people, you can totally request from 2 artists. However we do ask that you only request 1 piece per artist at a time xx

you can send in your request now if you’d like ~ but fair warning I will most likely not get to it for about a month+ (if I am even taking requests in the future)


Mmmm Okay! Thank you for responding!

I’ll keep looking but thank you again

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@amelial Are you available?

@Makayla.Reed here is your finished piece!



If you want anything changed or if there are any problems with this just lmk and I can make quick fixes :heart:

thanks again for using our shop and please remember to give credit!

p.s. I am so sorry for how long this request has taken me :joy: I am a bit of a perfectionist sometimes and redo things several times until I am really happy with it

@Cherry_epy I am wrapping up your overlays now and will send them in this afternoon :blob_hearts:


This looks amazing! And the wait time was 100% fine for a piece like this! Do you think you can do one of ugh her eyes open? If it’s to hard or if you can’t then you don’t have to.

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haha ofc!! I will try to get it done tonight – the eyes don’t take me too long

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Okay thank you so much!!!

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What Artist : @amelial :two_hearts:
What Style : LL
Character Details:

Pose Reference:
Or something similar. She’s worried/sad and thinking

Outfit(s): Wearing : Boy Brief underwear Cotton White

Background: she’s on her bed - INT. CUTE BEDROOM GIRL - DAY

Extra Details: she’s sad and preoccupied so she’s on her bed thinking, it can just be cut to her on her bed, the whole room isn’t necessary in the picture

*doesn’t need to be that exact pose, and no deadline :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, let me know if you’d be able to help me :slight_smile:

Hi!! I’m almost finished with the first four episodes of my story, and I was hoping to request a cover by Isabella! I’ll turn in the details in just a moment, thank you!:blush:


Artist- @ jennizzy_love (Isabella, whenever she may be available, no time limit!:heart:)
Style- LL

Character Looks-

Skin Tone- Ash02 or Light Grey
Eye Shape- Female Generic
Eye Color- Aqua Blue
Lip Shape- Small Heart
Lip Color- Mauve Gloss
Face Shape- Diamond
Hair Style- Wavy Long
Hair Color- Aqua Blue
Eyebrow Shape- Arched Natural
Eyebrow Color- Jet Black
Nose Shape- Defined


Small Black Tank Under Black Angel Dress
Angel heels-Gun Metal
Blue Morpho Butterfly Wrist Tattoo


I was thinking of a shy over shoulder gaze, her hair wavy and thick, a background at the beach during a storm at night.

Thank you for considering this piece of art! I hope this isn’t too much to ask! I understand if you’re busy, if this is a no, I understand, and it’s alright!

Thank you again!!:blush:

Hi, would I be able to request from @amelial?

Wow! Bump :sparkling_heart:

Sorry I didn’t see this!! there is a link in the first post (at the bottom) explaining availability and when you can request. Feel free to read that xx

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