Apple picking mini game, help!

I really need help to make a apple picking mini game or something… it’s for my new story where you have to help a old women pick apples in the first chapter… but I have no idea to do that! I’m quite new to this… Help!

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I think I can help :slight_smile:

What do you need to do?

How I would handle this is by creating a few tappable overlays;

A few apples on the trees, and some left and right arrows to let the reader move to the different zones to see all the trees

That could help! but I don’t know how you can make an apple disappear when you’ve grabbed it…

well since tappable overlays are set up like choices, when the reader taps an apple, you can make it like super big and add a narrator bubble saying ‘you found 1 apple’, and then @overlay APPLE opacity 0.

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I never thought of that! thank you!!!

no problemo (:

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