Applications for the Episode Community Advisory Panel are now OPEN!

Hi! Did you say you could swap email adress and instagram names for the applikation?

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My comment still apply’s as it’s ‘video’. I don’t see any of the other options here or on the form?

Their Episode name is okay. Think of these like references for a job: you want someone who knows you and can speak to how you would be an asset to the group.

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There is no need for more than 2 references. Just make sure that they will be willing / able to communicate with us.


Good suggestion! I just went through and made sure the questions support longer answers.

You must be able to commit to participating in monthly group video chats. I hope this clears up any confusion.

Can we not tag 2 persons cause I kinda don’t have anyone…?

Sorry, we need two references and the application must be complete to be considered.

How do I fix my forum I accidentally sent it with out putting my recomendations!!!

You can use my Insta name

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You can send a message to our support team and ask them to add the missing info. Be sure to include your name and email address so we can find the right application to update.


Thanks Liz!


I just filled out the form! And I cannot honestly thank you enough Liz for putting this out on the forums. You gave me hope! This is definitely something that I would honestly love to do. This is part of my dream :slight_smile:

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What do supporters do? It says Instagram account, name, and email. Do you need your full name or just first name? And will u be sending us a email or…?

I would of entered but I really don’t like giving out so much information. Also, can I be supporting 2 different people?

wait, 3rd person or 2nd person?

Think of them as references and we will be contacting them via email and / or Instagram. You can be a supporter for more than one person.

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okay, thank you :ok_hand: ! Do we need to say our full name or just first name? And just to be clear, do you need to answer questions or do something on Instagram/email ?

For the application you must provide your full name, to be a supporter first name will suffice. As a reference you will need to prepared to speak about why the person you are supporting would be a good addition to the Community Advisory Panel.