Apply for Episode Royalty! 👑

Hey! I’m Winter and I’m the owner of Episode Royalty so I am writing on behalf of all of the members.

We recently made the change from a request taking group to solely a writing group and we’re now looking to recruit some more members. You can apply for any of the following positions: background artist, cover artist, splash artist, story planner, story writer, or director/coder. You can of course apply for more than one position but being focused on one if perhaps a better option, however it’s all up to you.

We currently have two stories published: Thorns and Surviving Love. We hope to publish more stories once we have gained more members.

You have to fill out this application form to join:

After filling out the application form, please comment below, along with the position you’ve applied for.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and I’ll answer them as best I can.

Good luck! I look forward to working with some of you.

~Winter (@WinterMoon05) :blue_heart:
Owner of Episode Royalty :crown:


Finlay-Outfitter or story planner

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Zigginz - I would like to be either a planner, writer or coder. But nothing too artsy as I am not particularly skilled when it comes to art.

Thank you

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Director/coder or planner

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Lucy - I’d like to be a director/coder, story writer or planner. I’m not very gifted when it comes to art, however I like to believe I’m above decent when it comes to writing and coding.

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Story planner, writer/Coder.

Splash artist sounds interesting too.

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What about video editors ?

Sorry, we aren’t looking for video editors at the moment. :crown:

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Not sure if you are still looking for members, but I applied for story planner/story writer!
Are you currently working on a new story? Thorns is a great story btw!!

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Oof, @Episode-Royalty I didn’t catch the fact that it was just a writing group even though it’s right there :woman_facepalming: so just simply ignore my submission :slight_smile:

~thank you

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I applied for story planner/story writer/director-coder. I do prefer story planner or writer but I’m up for whatever you need me to :slight_smile:

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bump! :crown:

I applied for the story writer and story planner position!

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I have messaged everyone who has recently applied for Episode Royalty ; thank you to you all who applied! The form is still open for more applicants! :smile:

-Winter :crown:

The application form for Episode Royalty is closed for now. :crown:

O there closed :frowning:

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bump [the form is still closed but i dont want the thread to be closed]

I’ll pop in here and just bump this…


So the form was still open so I hope that means you’re still looking. I applied for story planner/writer/coder.

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I applied for planner, writer and splash artist

Idk if this is still open tho

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