Appreciate feedback for my newly publish story: Stay Strong, Sisters 😃

Hello everyone! I’ve just publish my first ever story on the app. Would totally appreciate it if you would please check it out and leave feedbacks. Thank you! :heart::heart::heart:

Gonna watch it right now!

Thank you!:ok_woman:t4:

It was really good! I couldn’t believe it was your first episode! Usually episode stories have a little more drama though, so I think you should include a little more drama in it. I loved how you informed us of the other cultures, but I’m pretty sure the characters know this about their friends, so I’d put drama in the beginning then go to the end and talk about each of the friends cultures there. I loved how you added sound and zooming! You had it at just the right moments! I want to know a little bit more about their families tho. Maybe have them go home in the first episode for some family drama too. Hope this helps! :kissing_closed_eyes::relaxed:

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Thank you very much!! Add more drama in first episode. Got it! Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback!:grin: Cause the next 2 episodes are heavy filled with drama. But i will try to add in it in first episode :ok_hand:. I nearly cried when I wrote the next 2 episodes… is that weird lol?

Oh cause i research and studied and analyse others stories see what i like and also the technicalities of writing episode stories before i wrote and publish this one. If this was an exam… I’d pass :joy::joy::joy:.

I also wanted to write something different… something I rarely see on Episode thats why. And since I’m also apart of the rarely seen cultures i thought it be a good platform to showcase it :grin: and show the world ‘our’ version of drama :joy::joy:

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Yea I know, but I think you should have an option at the like “end card” or end, to learn about the other cultures like
learn about this culture
learn about this culture
learn about this culture
ya know?

Ohhh alright I’ll tale note. Thank you

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