Appreciate thread for @Natasha Brown1💗

she helps cover and edit to she is amazing person she is a good friend to she really help me a lot love her like my friends she helps on my English to she is loving her artwork to she is very Talent with her cover she does a good job with her edit to love it love you girls thank you for help me out no dram no tag no fight .:heartpulse:


It also seems like you’re writing the same message for everyone, but changing around some of the words. These threads aren’t genuine. Especially since you’re making them all at once, and they seem rushed.


I agree, this doesn’t seem sincere at all.


I have good heart you was there for me and you help me .i had to follow my heart God told do special for you @Natasha.Brown1

I am follow my heart today I have good heart that post that. Everybody very special to people I have open my heart up to no body .that why feeling post good things had to follow my to they people love .

That why you are nice so sweet I have good heart today people always tell to follow my heart I did

You welcome

I am I got the message

You’re making too many threads


I barely know you. How can you love me? And you made like 7 different threads



I had to follow my heart it god not me .god use today he told follow my heart he want me go back tell you sorry .told you before I have good heart today stay blessed.god love you


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Thank you

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