Appreciation for everyone

TroubledMind changed her name to @StoneCold. And I guess it’s @bagellaudie without the extra d? :thinking::sunglasses:



love you all too

thanks for telling me

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bump :lollipop:


ugh i’m bored so ill be nice

@bad.bish u already know ur my favorite & i luh u more than anyone bsf

@minnehaaa hi ur so fun & insane & the person i can be a bitch w & we’re psychos but ily

@loohser dumb . ur pretty & talented & my thottie ily bitch

@soulnight_7 hi ik ur not on but ily & ur so dirty & one of my favs & ur asshole but u deserve sm bye

@lexlie ur fun & silly & so mature & i cannot imagine a better mom so ty for just being u pls never change

@epi.milkyway hi bby i luh u & ur crazy smart ass ty for growling

@lowkeyFrosty u always always make me laugh & ur so outgoing & talented ily ho

@sofia2 ur really trustworthy & lowkey scary but inna good way & ilysm

@problematic_patrick u are a crazy mf but i love ur weird ass quotes & ur amazing ily dummy

@mothatrucka ur such a bean & so sweet & i luh u bbyyy

@neptune ur so talented & sweet & ily omg

@daydreamiie u need to do the self care but i lub u meme dealer omg ur one of the best on here

@viwrites1 hi bby ratzol ur an absolute bean i cannot be her w/o u love u sm

okay i’m done now never again


Awe ily :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

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ily too :heart::heart::triumph:

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Can you just kiss me now? :heart_eyes: you make me so soft and your so precious, Ily bff and my heart is for you and only you. :slight_smile: Don’t you ever stop cumin :sunglasses:

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mwuah mami

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okay, im doing this

@zepherine you are the best episode mom, could never imagine my episode life without you ily :relieved:

@problematic_patrick you’re immature but that’s okay, we can be immature together. you’re hilarious and ily much :triumph:

@lexlie you’re so talented and you’re literally a queen, i would cry for days if we ever fought (hopefully that won’t be the case) lysm :two_hearts:

@epi.milkyway can’t wait to see your future art, you are so supportive and such an amazing bean ilu :sneezing_face:

@sofia2 we don’t really talk much, but you’re a great artist and a great friend. im lucky to have you ly :coffee:

@darewrites you’re a queen and you make everybody’s life better so tysm and ilysm :partying_face:

@loohser you’re hilarious and i love your nickname for me (meera) and you’re one of my best friends love you lots :cry:

@lowkeyFrosty i hope you know how important you are to me. you’re so talented and im honored to be your friend ly :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@bad.bish you’ve been a great friend of mine for a while now and you’re so kind and funny ilu :sunglasses:

@jany you’re the first person i’ve ever talked to or requested from and you’re just so nice and talented lysm :laughing:

@turtle_cat you’ve been a big inspiration to me and im so glad we’re friends! well, i hope we are lmao ily muchhh :innocent:

@jossu one of the first people i’ve run into on the forums! you’re a really great artist and such an amazing person ly :sweat_smile:

@mothatrucka i’ve missed you so much! you’re so funny and ilyyy :love_you_gesture:

@minnehaaa you are a goddess and absolutely hilarious ilu


awh ur so sweet sjskjsjs i’m so lucky we’re friends ly

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Ty neptuna uno reverse card ily :pleading_face:

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Aw Ily2 :hugs:

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I LOVE YOU TOO BBY YOU OWN Me ill alwayz be your fisHHHHHH <333

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I love you tooo omg :cupid::cupid:

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sksksksks ur so niceeee :heart::heart::sob:

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ilyssm but i’m not doing the self care :sneezing_face::yellow_heart:

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Tysm ily2 :pleading_face:

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here this goes;

@Neptune yore i think one of the first people i met here, your so nice and talented.

@Turtle_Cat You’re talented as always, and so nicee. i always wanted to be like you, talented. happy late birthday

@lowkeyFrosty so ho- ily so much, you’re so talented and fun and easy to talk to. sometimes i wish to be as talented as you and not as trash as i am. ily bby :heart:

@Problematic_Patrick heyo, we all love ur memes. and i lov3 that ur so nice and crazy sometimes. and i love that you’re a therapist for bhxaddie.

@lexlie so, you’re so nice and talented. ily so much boo. you’re always helpful and nice to EVERYONE and i like that about you!.