Appreciation For Jeremy and Sydney πŸ‘‘



This was a f-l-o-p, so i decided to change it to an appreciation thread for @Jeremy and @Sydney_H. Like they have a hard ass job, the forums have so many members and so many threads and they have to moderate it all. :slight_smile:

Moderators Cult :crown:
Thank you Jeremy and Sydney!

The cult wasn’t made yesterday actually
It was made a long time ago :joy:




All Hail Jeremy! The true god


god of da kingz?



how dare you


lmao well the thread :woman_shrugging:






I have to thank them greatly! Thanks Sydney and Jeremy for all the help you give us.


To Admin Jeremy and Mod Sydney :yellow_heart: –



They’re lovely. They work so hard and are always responsive and kind. Kudos to them.


bump :slight_smile:


bump cmon guyss


I’m not sure if this is in the right category :wink:

Thank you @Jeremy and @Sydney_H.

At first, when I got suspended, I was angry at you guys. But I had a week to think about things. You guys only do your job, it’s what you have to do. Thank you for that. You both work for hours and hours on here, trying to close old topics, help people, and do everything!!! Thank you for suspending me, I now know that my actions have consequences and that I have to learn from my mistakes, and I have!!! Thank you both for being amazing to this community!!! We all love you!


Yeah we do!


They do so much for us, and we rarely even realize it!!!


You got unsuspended? Hmm ok




Thank you!!