Appreciation for Original Authors

Hey Everyone

Episode is a wonderful platform where many share and express their creativity through role-play, story writing and discussions. Recently however, stories have been leaning towards the same structure. They have become boring, outrageous, using sex to drive their story instead of creativity and original ideas.

This post is focusing on acknowledging the writers who keep their stories family friendly and good for all ages, yet still keep their audience captured with their writing. They use creativity and promote good ideas, good morals and good story writing for all.

To start, I’d like to look at Joseph Evans.

One of my favorite episode authors, Joseph Evans has caught and kept the interests of many readers through out his books. His most recent story – Glitch girl, is one of my all time favorites, and is magnificent.

Now when I was younger, around 13-14, my friend and I were on episode and read a completely inappropriate story about a girl hooking up with about 20 guys and not committing to anyone. The details were incredibly explicit and should have not been on episode, as it violated several community guidelines. I cannot remember what the story was called but I do remember how inappropriate it was. No one should read a story about a girl hooking up and not committing to anybody on an app claiming to be appropriate for 13 year olds. It turned me off episode altogether for a couple of years, as I thought the stories were cliche and sex driven.

Stories like Glitch girl are perfect on so many levels. If I had found glitch girl when I was 13, I would have been in love and maybe had read more stories. The story is interesting, moves and has unexpected twists and turns each chapter, with hidden objects and interesting, diverse characters. No bad boys here, only good quality interesting characters with diversity and beautiful stories :wink:

Glitch girl is also amazing in the sense of directing. Joseph Evans is truly talented with directing, layouts and making backgrounds/covers.

Not only is he an amazing story teller, but he’s also an amazing teacher and mentor. He has helped so many new authors with his youtube tutorials and helpful advice.

Joseph Evans is definitely one of the best authors I have seen and I cannot wait to see more of his work.

Comment down below and share stories/authors who are truly extraordinary!


OMG! I agree with you.

These days stories on EPISODE are all about a 13/15 year old girl going on dates with a 20 or 30 something year old man or students having affairs with teachers or a story about gang leaders. They are only getting famous while it’s basically a repeat of every story. There are stories better and much more fun then this, and tbh I’m getting sick and tired of the “Gems” options like honestly I think EPISODE isn’t the same again! like I love the new updates, quality and options but the Gems and glitches I get are crazy and is a huge NO NO! Especially the bugs and glitches when creating stories on phone which is actually so good to do because it’s quicker and easier. My favorite author is Rachel Maude, her stories are hilarious and so good!

Chanel ferris
Author of: The widow next door.

An extraordinary author would be Joriemar.
She is such a sweetheart! And so are her stories! They depict such nice and heart-melting things that…you just can’t help but start crying :sob: