Appreciation thread for @BloomDk

Hi, Guys! Anna here :smile_cat:

I doubt any of you know @BloomDk. That’s ok. I’ve never seen her really on a lot of threads but I wanted her to get some credit. English isn’t her first language yet she’s so good at it and she’s only a teenager! She is so very kind and compassionate!! She deserves some credit.

Sayings by @BloomDk that make me :slight_smile:

  • Let me tell you something Idc if you are 10 years younger than me I still want to be your friend because I think you have an amazing personality and I’m sure you’ll turn out to be a great person in the future.

  • Having a true friend is better than having 10 fake friends.

  • I’ll always support you.

  • It’s great! I mean it!

I know there is always a thread for this, but she deserves credit and hardly anyone knows her. If you can, please take a minute to read her story: I have to…

:heart: u, @BloomDk

Anna :wink:


I’m sorry I don’t know you @BloomDk :sweat_smile:
But I’m sure your a crazy, amazing, wonderful, thoughtful and kind person. :revolving_hearts:

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I’ve been trying to tag her for hours. She was talking to me like 30 minutes ago. She vanished. I hope she sees this, though.

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Tags: (so sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged) :grimacing:

(Credit goes to @appleqrl)


Hey next time please credit me for the tags, since I wrote them out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I didn’t know you wrote them out. One sec.

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I fixed it. Sorry

Thank you, lol I did. :blob_hearts:

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I hope @BloomDk gets some love, she deserves it!


@Annasilveroriginal I love you so much!

Broo thanks!

@appleqrl thank you!

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